Exam Information and 2nd Semester Start Up

The first semester exam period is Thursday, January 26th to Tuesday, January 31st. There are no classes or exams on Wednesday, February 1st, as it is a day for mark preparation.
Refer to the back of this sheet for the date, time and room of your exams. Morning exams start at 9:00 AM, and afternoon exams start at 12:45 PM. Students should be at their exam rooms 10-15 minutes prior to the exam start time. Exams will be written in the gymnasium with the exception of those indicated on the schedule. Students with assessment adaptations to write in an alternate setting will report to the Resource Room, as directed by the resource support staff, Mrs. Cote-Shay, Ms. Siddall and Mr. Haley.

Not all subjects have a formal exam; an alternative final summative assessment will be completed, as assigned by the teacher. If you believe that there is an exam missing from the schedule, confirm with your teacher – he or she may have elected to give a different form of final evaluation.
If you have two exams scheduled for the same time, please consult your teachers to determine which exam will be written as scheduled. This information will be provided to teachers.
Students are required to be present for their exams, but they are permitted to study at home on days for which they have no scheduled exam. If a student is at school when he/she is not scheduled for an exam, he/she will need to report to designated study areas.

Students will be dismissed no earlier than thirty minutes before the scheduled end of the exam if they have finished. There is to be no talking during the examination period, even if you feel you have finished your exam.
A student may apply for an exam exemption (for one course) if they meet the following criteria:

i) Has accumulated NO unexcused absences in any course
ii) Has accumulated no more than 6 excused absences in any course
iii) Has not accumulated any out-of-school suspensions in the semester.

Second semester begins on Thursday, February 2nd. Students will begin the day in their Semester 2 homerooms (as posted on the bulletin boards in the atrium that morning). They will receive their second semester timetables and an announcement will be made to prompt movement to begin the first period class of Day C.
(In the event of an interruption during the exam week due to a storm, exams are moved ahead to the next day. The start of second semester would be delayed by a day (i.e. a storm on Tuesday would cause Tuesday’s exams to be written on Wednesday, Wednesday’s exams would be written on Thursday, and so on.) The start of second semester would also be bumped a day if this were to happen.) We’ve had a 2-day interruption to our schedule at this point.

Good luck! Study hard!